Budget Ideas

Not gonna lie, I love saving money. As a college student who juggles 2 jobs, finding out ways to keep extra cash in my wallet makes me happy.  Through working, I’ve gained a few budgeting tricks up my sleeve. 1. Embrace the beauty of Excel If there’s anything I like more than clean, organized, and … Continue reading Budget Ideas


Thrift Shopping Benefits

I love thrift/second-hand shops. They’re fun, unique, and their inventory is always different. For a Rhetorical Communications assignment, I had to create a persuasive speech about a personal passion. In class, I spoke about thrift shopping and now on a different platform - through this blog, I wanted to share my love for it. 1. … Continue reading Thrift Shopping Benefits

Pet Peeves

Humans are odd creatures - we are a collaborative species that require each other, but simultaneously find little things that trigger disliking in one another. When I was younger, I would call out people when they did stuff that bugged me, but with time, I've gained the "maturity" and "politeness" to keep my mouth shut. … Continue reading Pet Peeves