My Love for Tomatoes

I can't tell you when my love for tomatoes began - but I know that my grandma was a big influence in my obsession for these beautiful gems. Briefly in my childhood, I lived under the same roof with my grandparents in Ichinomiya, Japan. My father's childhood history was stored in this house, a house … Continue reading My Love for Tomatoes


Zero Waste Efforts

Beginning this year, one of my intentions was to be more naturally-conscious and become closer to a less red-meat based diet. So far, I'd give myself a 9.5/10 in achieving the realistic goals I set for myself. Not explicitly written in that blog post was a personal intention to start working towards a zero waste … Continue reading Zero Waste Efforts

3 Unique Low Impact Changes

I've always considered myself someone passionate about the environment, but recent spurs of inspiration have reaffirmed my love that I have for the environmentalism movement. Two major inspirations with this have been finding about the Package Free Shop and @sustainably_vegan. (Side note: Yes, I recognize that the above inspirations I've linked are two white-passing females who … Continue reading 3 Unique Low Impact Changes