Back to the ground!

I'm returning from a month of travels and I feel content, fulfilled, and exhausted. My body is catching up from the different time zones and the summer heat. The bizarre weather has taken a toll on me and constantly reaffirms my concern for the future of climate change. I wanted to sit down and write, … Continue reading Back to the ground!


Glacier in My Heart

Every year, I write intentions for what I want to accomplish, places I want to go, and experiences I want to put under my belt. One of my intentions for 2018 was to push myself physically beyond my comfort zone, which manifested into travel. In my Travel Desires post, I wrote about wanting to go to a … Continue reading Glacier in My Heart


On May 5th, I had the lovely opportunity of spending time with my boyfriend and his grandma. His grandma, Oma is a wonderful woman who carries herself exceptionally well and has me in awe. Sharing a meal with her was something I truly cherish and Oma, if you see this across the oceans and down … Continue reading Oma