MM: August 2017

Summer break flew by, and now the time for school has begun. I've officially moved-in and am getting resettled into the student mindset. During the break, I was able to find time to R&R (relax and read) and spend time away from screens. I flew out to Japan for a short-and-sweet trip, and made incredible … Continue reading MM: August 2017


Dorm Moving Tips

Ahh, that time of year again. When young teens hustle to get ready for dorm life, while the parents cry (either out of sadness or joy). 1. Make a handwritten list of what you need. Make a tangible list of what you (think you’ll) need. Do your research - watch YouTubers, search the web, look … Continue reading Dorm Moving Tips

MM: July 2017

This month was filled with ups-and-downs. I took my part-time job to a full-time standard, and kept up with summer classes (somewhat). It's been eventful, from catching up with high school friends, to remembering what summer break actually meant. Emphasis on the word, "break". Through this month, I learned to appreciate my alone time, where … Continue reading MM: July 2017

Pet Peeves

Humans are odd creatures - we are a collaborative species that require each other, but simultaneously find little things that trigger disliking in one another. When I was younger, I would call out people when they did stuff that bugged me, but with time, I've gained the "maturity" and "politeness" to keep my mouth shut. … Continue reading Pet Peeves