I am a learner, explorer, and lover. Learning through exploring is something I passionately love, and I strive to do it forever.

I care deeply for the environment, human rights, and good vibes.

Meeting people who are happy & make others happy is my jam.

Through this blog, I will attempt to learn more about myself, persuade others to practice better routines for the environment, and to find happiness in the smallest avenues.

I will also challenge myself to write every post in bullets of three’s, to wrap my ideas concisely. I love the number, 3, as odd as it may be, because of it’s prime-ness and because I have a weird belief that good things come in 3’s.

My writing may be rough as this blog starts off, but bear with me.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

With lots of love, Monet.


(All photos and writing in this blog will be my content, unless otherwise stated. The photo in this post is a sunset I captured from my balcony back at home. It’s a photo that I look at every day when I open my laptop, and it brings me joy and reminds me of nature’s raw beauty.)



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