THINX Thoughts

Product review! I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I think that rad products/services are worthy of being praised and promoted – and this is one of the products I’ve been loving. As someone who has an incredibly irregular period and strives to reduce waste, purchasing my first pair of THINX underwear was an obvious “yes!” Founded by three menstruating folks, Miki Agrawal, Radha Agrawal, and Antonia Saint Dunbar – their products are for bleeding individuals.


THINX creates absorbent underwear, with different styles for different absorption needs. The hiphugger is for heavy days and holds 2 tampons’ worth of fluid, while the cheeky is for light-1-tampon days.

How does this wizardry work? They explain through their site and easy-to-understand videos. Caring for the product is simple, 1) rinse before tossing into the wash, 2) avoid bleach and fabric softeners, and 3) hang dry. It’s a great alternative to using pantiliners on the last day of your cycle, and a great swap for days when you don’t feel like carrying multiple tampons/pads around.


THINX is a great fuel for menstruation empowerment/advocacy, covering numerous topics from their blog and periodical (yes, pun intended). Their platforms create a judgement-free space for period-related conversations, which I think is much needed!

Y’all, you are the product of a functional menstrual cycle – why is the topic of periods so taboo? It’s silly, we shouldn’t be afraid/nervous/timid about knowing more about our bodies. There is an (unfortunately) endless list of topics we need to talk about anatomy/body empowerment, and menstruation is definitely on it.


I am a mad advocate for this product. I’ve only used it for 1 cycle, but I’ve loved every day of using it. I typically don’t run the washer/dryer unit until I have a full laundry basket, so for some nights – I hand-washed the underwear with laundry detergent and hung it dry in my room. It was dry the following morning, and a careful wash and thorough drying resulted in no odor at all! The designs are simple, they’re comfy to wear, and you don’t feel like you’re wearing exceptionally different underwear. But truth is, they are exceptional.

I’ve enjoyed using a severely fewer number of tampons and pantiliners this past cycle, and it feels great wearing a product that is functional, stylish, and saves you from producing trash! While THINX underwear may seem expensive per pair, it is a long-lasting product compared to disposable “feminine” products. There may be a temporary financial barrier to purchasing their products, but I like to consider the long-term impact of buying the underwear. A $30 pair can easily equate to 1 cycles worth of products (tampons, pads, pantiliners, wipes, etc.) – then consider how your one pair can serve you for many many cycles! Less blood-soaked trash in the landfills, more money saved in my wallet – I call that a win-win.


I appreciate how THINX highlights menstruation as not being a functional aspect limited to femmes, but to anyone bleeding monthly (or not!). Recognizing how anatomical elements can be shared among the gender spectrum and not limited to the binary is critical. If more companies advocated for this message, I believe that it would create more gender-positive opportunities in the commercial world. Just my thoughts.

Have you tried their underwear?
Not yet? What’s drawing you away?
Share your thoughts! Happy bleedin’!

With much love,


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