Keeping Myself Warm

The autumn leaves have fallen, and the trees surrounding my campus are feeling empty and bare. The difference in weather has become drastic and has slowly been affecting me. Despite my love for winter sports, living life in the cold isn’t easy, and it makes me miss the warmness from summer hikes (photo above is from Rattlesnake Ledge), so instead I’m trying to create my own coziness and warm vibes indoors.
What is the weather like where you live? How do you keep warm?

1. BlanketsKeeping Myself Warm Blankets

Blankets make me appreciate the comfort of having something warm around your body. Blankets don’t have to stay just on your bed, but can also go on the floor and contribute to a movie night with warm drinks on your carpet. My blanket count went from two to four quickly, and remaking my bed last night felt like the ultimate preparation for the cold nights to come.
Does anyone else like a neatly made bed, or am I just an odd outliar?

2. Lighting

Having warm lighting indoors can create a comfortable space, and recreate the sunlight that once entered your space a few moons ago. In my single room space right now, I have four sources of light: my LED desk lamp, sink mirror light, spacious windows, and industrial-voltage standing light.
The standing light instantly warms up the room (literally) and reflects the colors on all my posters well. It’s funny how psychology kicks in, and messes with our mind.
Instead of walking into a dark and cold room, walking into a bright room creates the illusion of warmth into a space.

3. Tea

Keeping Myself Warm Tea.jpg

I’m not a coffee gal, so I love my good ol’ tea. Along with my blanket count, my recent tea intake has increased from one to three cups everyday. Drinking something warm can contribute to keeping yourself warm.
Even if you’re not a hot drink person, the feeling of a warm mug in your hands can create the perfect heat transfer that you need.
Begin the day with a warm cup of tea, after rehydrating with water from sleeping, or finish your long day off with some sleepy-time tea if that’s what you’re into.
Find what makes you happy and creates warmth inside of you.

I hope y’all find ways to keep yourselves warm & healthy this winter, cheers to the beginning of November!

Other topics you want me to blog? I am open to input, polite criticism, or questions – comment below.
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