MM: October 2017

It’s been a long month y’all. The days are getting shorter, and every day is packed with meetings, studying, and squeezed in packets of fun. I hope October treated everyone well, and that they got a chance to create sweet memories for the month! As always, here’s another round of Monthly Media.

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

Ashamed to say this for a consecutive month, but I am still in progress with this book. The only time I get to read for leisure is during my work breaks, allowing me to enter into a fantasy world for a hot minute per shift. Reading fantasy/magic books are difficult for me, but through my boyfriend’s persistent urging, I picked up the series and got hooked. It’s been a long process, but I’m making my way through the books.
This feels like an appropriate space to share this, but… I’m madly in love with Ron.
That’s all – I’m excited for the day that I can victoriously share with people that I’ve finished reading the entire HP series, even though most of my friends have read it a decade ago.

2. Instagram: @jonajooey

Jonathan’s illustrations make me crack up, and his posts embedded with real footage of his family add a touch of connection to his Instagram. He creates cartoons from his experience of raising his son, Baobao, and his adventures of parenthood. Although I don’t see myself being a parent anytime soon, I look forward to one day laugh over the moments that Jonathan shares currently. The family of four contain a sassy and humorous child, cartoon artist, food blogger, and adorable puppy.
Show them some love on Jonathan’s platform!

3. YouTube: Too Good At Goodbyes – Sam Smith (John Saga Cover)

John Saga is a talented musician and is gaining gradual popularity on his channel for perfecting covers from artists like Sam Smith and Adele. The high notes that he hits, the passion expressed in his voice and face, everything about his covers makes my heart sink. I immediately bought Sam Smith tickets when they were released, and with perfect timing – John had coincidentally uploaded this cover of Sam Smith’s recent song, Too Good at Goodbyes. I’m in love with both the original and cover of this song, and am so excited to hear it live… in 11 months.

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