Dealing with Thoughts

As referenced in my MM: September 2017, September has been full of phases.
Not moon phases, but thought-provoking phases. I’ve never been good with self-expression (hence my self-challenge of creating blog content), but how do y’all deal with a cluttered mind? Let me know in the comments & let’s talk!
These are the three ways that work best for me, and I hope to carve out more time to take care of myself in the upcoming days.

1. Breathe.

When I feel the need to recharge, I either: do deep breathing exercises or go sweat it out.
Deep breathing exercises put me in my place, of where I want to be.
There’s something magical about sitting in silence, without music or a screen, and just being present with yourself. I typically do this after I wake up or right before I go to sleep, and I’ll lay down on a flat surface that isn’t my bed. I focus on my breathing, and practice deep exhales and shorter inhales. I’ll stare at the ceiling or the posters I have in my room, and remind myself of where I am.

When I want something more intense, I break a sweat.
Being active is a habit that I’ve been working to embrace these past few weeks. That post-workout shower is insanely satisfying, and the adrenaline rush after getting your blood pumping cannot be recreated. Working out strengthens me physically, and empowers me to think stronger. Knowing that I took initiative to hit the gym or run outside connects to my self-motivation to get my act together and make adaptive changes for myself.
We are constantly breathing, but it’s meaningful when you put intention into the daily unconscious behaviors.

2. Journal. 

I am a strong proponent of journaling, and it has been my thing since middle school. Seeing my thoughts written out onto paper is reflective, and helps me organize my ideas. It’s satisfying to see a paper full of writing that is both personal and organic.
Listening to calm music while journaling can help too, as the background senses can trigger and evoke a deeper emotion that I wasn’t feeling in silence.
Write about anything that made you emotional, made you cry, made you want to change. Anything that is on your mind is relevant to write about. Your journal can be kept personal, or it can be shared with someone you love and trust. Your words and opinions should be shared in their most natural form, and if writing is that form, then get that paper and pen, and start.

3. Talk it out. 

This method has been a new addition to my life. Before, I hated talking about how I felt, all the sappy and ooey-gooey intangible opinions that I had bogged up into my head.
For me, just simply talking made me more frustrated.
Now? I talk all the time. But what I’ve found, is that I am very selective about who I talk to. Because those I talk to, are the ones who I trust with my opinion.
They are the ones who will give further insight onto what they think as well. They are the ones who’s opinions I also care about, and the people that I like hearing more from, and the ones that I find myself comfortable with.
The problem in the past was that I wasn’t talking to the right people, and I was forcing myself to speak to just occupy space.
But now, I fill the space that I want to fill, and I’ve learned more about myself through this process of figuring it out*.

What are your feels? What are your thoughts? What’s on your mind?
I hope that you too, can find a space to express yourself.

With much love,

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*The linked video is from Claire Marshall, one of my icons. Her platform exists primarily on YouTube, where she shares beautiful and raw content to the public.
I love all of her videos, but this one in particular has resonated with me.


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