MM: September 2017

Delayed post, but better later than never! September has been a wild month, filled with moving back to campus, meetings, and meeting new faces.
I hope to reflect on back-to-campus life in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, here’s what’s been on my media radar for the past month.

1. Book: Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier

Being honest here, I didn’t completely finish this book. It’s a hefty 416-page reader, but it’s definitely worth every line. Angier writes about the biology, psychology, sociology, and many other -ology’s, along with history, about the female.
What makes a female? Why are we biologically made, the way we are, programmed to have curves? How does modern science interfere, worsen, or improve our bodies? Our female minds? How do we embrace the divine female soul?
Angier addresses these questions in a light-hearted yet serious perspective.
She utilizes her knowledge, interviews, and research to compose this strong-headed book. Even if you do not identify as a woman or female, I encourage you to learn more about other human counterparts.

2. Instagram: @kaisafit

Kaisa Keranen is a badass. She pushes through hard-core workouts, while continuously having a smile and high enthusiasm towards movement. She is rad, determined, and always showering me with inspirations of fitness and positive vibes.
She stays involved in important social matters, speaking up about relevant news and events, while reminding us to stay grounded in what we believe in.
Her personality radiates through her Instagram stories and workout videos, and I hope to meet her one day in the Seattle area. I find comfort in knowing that amazing people are a part of my nearby community, and I hope her platform continues to grow so that her message spreads far and wide.

3. YouTube: Couples Share Both Sides

This video has made me shed so many tears in the past few nights. The video series consists of two individuals currently in or were in romantic relationships together, and involves one-on-one interview questions while in a two-person room.
The questions include, but are not limited to: their favorite aspect of their partner, how they met, what you wish you told them often, and deeper questions that give further insight to the lives shared between the individuals on your screen.
I watched this particular video (linked in the bullet header) with my partner, and it felt special to share another couple’s story together.
Even if you aren’t in a relationship, I recommend watching these videos, to touch the soft heart spots that y’all have, and to feel the vulnerability that human nature is built of.

It’s been an eventful month, but I’m slowly starting to feel grounded in my daily actions, myself, and the space that I occupy. I hope anyone experiencing a recent transition can share this feeling of comfort too.

My thoughts go out to those affected by the recent global events, and I want to take this space to remind y’all the power that your words, actions, and intentions hold.

With much love,

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