MM: August 2017

Summer break flew by, and now the time for school has begun.
I’ve officially moved-in and am getting resettled into the student mindset.
During the break, I was able to find time to R&R (relax and read) and spend time away from screens. I flew out to Japan for a short-and-sweet trip, and made incredible memories with loving family and solid friends. I’ll be writing a blog post about my adventure soon, so keep your eyes peeled!
For now though, enjoy this month’s Monthly Media post.

1. Book: The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henríquez

This book took me through a rollercoaster. It’s a story about passionate love, strong family ties, and the feeling of not belonging.
When I finished this book, I felt like giving each character a large hug and telling them that life will slowly improve. It also brought my attention to immigrant lives, but through a different lens.
I, myself, am an immigrant from Japan, and have been a Green Card resident in the States for the past 15 years of my life. However, the stories of Hispanic immigrants and their received treatment was an experience that I personally do not share commonality with.
Being able to understand the obstacles of each character gave me clarity as a reader, but also made me attracted to each individual in this novel.
I wish there was a sequel to this book, because I would immediately pick it up.

2. Instagram: @halliekathrynn

Hallie is a close friend of mine, and I’m glad that our paths intertwined during our first year of university. She is a talented photographer, who’s passion for capturing the moment is apparent through her work. She works hard on expanding her portfolio, and her mental horizons. Hallie is well-aware about herself, and strives to find meaning in her surroundings.
Dinner dates and spending time with her are so rewarding, and it makes me realize that these are the genuine friendships I am seeking for during this transitional phase in my life. Hallie is a beautiful soul, and I hope you peek into her social gallery. She also has a blog, which I highly recommend as well.

3. YouTube: Q&A | Tattoos, Relationships, Self-Confidence

I cannot express my words of appreciation for this wonderful lady on YouTube. Stephanie, aka Soothing Sista, creates powerful, creative, and thoughtful content on her platform. Her raw personality shines through her channel, and I love every video she has created. She is talented, and her captured footage have opened my eyes to further experiences that I want to have.
Especially during this period of emotional unsteadiness, with all of the events going on globally – politically, environmentally, socially – I seek online content that inspires and comforts me. Stephanie’s channel does exactly that.
I truly believe that she is a double-edged sword, both a soothing & soul sista.
This video opens up a conversation between her and her viewers, and my love for her deepened when I watched this video.
Her answers to each question were honest and thought-provoking, it left me thinking about what my answers to these questions would have been.
She’s just a really rad content creator, so please check her channel.

This post’s featured image is from Japan, in Lotus Ueno Park. I hopped around to the urban neighborhoods of Tokyo during my visit, and was amazed by the size of these blooming flowers in the middle of a crammed city.

That’s it y’all, I hope the beginning of your new season is splendid.
With much love, Monet.

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