MM: July 2017

This month was filled with ups-and-downs.
I took my part-time job to a full-time standard, and kept up with summer classes (somewhat). It’s been eventful, from catching up with high school friends, to remembering what summer break actually meant.
Emphasis on the word, “break”.
Through this month, I learned to appreciate my alone time, where I would either be reading or journaling, while sipping on cold tea on a dewy summer evening.
Those simple summer nights are the ones that I’ll hold onto from this month.

1. Book: The Next Thing on My List by Jill Smolinski

If you love combinations of family, romance, and humor (particularly the sexual/sarcastic kind – is that a category?), this book is for you. It’s a simple book, that teaches you life lessons about experiencing passion and purpose when alive.
It takes you through a journey of June Parker’s life, and her dimension of dealing with a loss of a friend. To commemorate the lost life, June pushes herself to experience life to its fullest potential.
But to June, the fullest potential is quite close to a mundane and ordinary life.
However, this shift of gears – no pun intended – opens up doors of career, success, romance, and self-value for her. I don’t want to open too many details about it without spoiling, but I highly recommend this short read. This book is a reminder that life is so short, and that we should value every moment of it.
Warning: After reading this book, you’ll have conflicted feels towards bucket lists.

2. Instagram: @briannamadia

I love this human being. Her openness, vulnerability, and raw captions make her account a special favorite of mine. Not only is she a kickass chick, but she has drastically changed my viewpoint of #vanlife and life in the outdoors.
I’m not sure how to best describe her platform, but if you love adorable dogs, Mama Nature, and living a compassionate lifestyle, then her Instagram will give you daily loads of joy.
Not only is she married to her love for Dagwood and Bucket, but she is also married to Keith, her life-long partner, and their love for each other is insanely beautiful.
Seeing her post or have a new story makes me giddy because it makes me feel like I’m getting to know her more and more. She’s the rad and hip older sister that I never had, and I hope that my path crosses Brianna’s one day.

3. Youtube: Chill Summer Night Routine

This video is from the channel, moon clique, where Elena features her social media content. She is an inspiring female figure who has impeccable editing and French music choice. She is a university student in California, and her videos feature topics ranging from fashion, vlogs, and routine style videos.
She genuinely cares about social justice and feminism, and the way she communicates her passions is very powerful.
I’ve always admired college life in California, and being able to observe her lifestyle through glimpses of her YouTube videos is always exciting.
Her video style is calm, organized, and well-composed, and I enjoy sitting down to watch her videos on a relaxed afternoon. This video in particular, felt relevant to the summer vibe and I found it fitting to call it my favorite video of July.
I hope y’all get a chance to show her some love on her YouTube channel, and that you like it as much as I do.

Happy August to y’all, here’s to the last third of 2017.
With love, Monet.

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