Natural Acne Product Favorites

I’m like most teens – I’ve had acne for the longest time that I can remember for.
It started with me not taking care of my skin well and not practicing proper hygiene. I wasn’t cautious about how my body’s reaction to my balance of sleep, exercise, and nutrition. I went to dermatologists, used expensive topical cream, and ingested pills in hopes to clear my skin.
The $ spent on these chemicals became outrageous, and I realized I needed a change.
My skin is nowhere near perfect today, but by being more conscious, my skin has dramatically improved. I feel better in the morning when I wake up, and can feel softer and smoother skin.
Both my skin and wallet enjoy my use of these natural products, which means less chemicals, less harsh materials to my skin, ultimately making me a happy camper.

1. Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser

I found out about Juice Beauty through Kassie, from Cloudy Apples. Kassie advocated greatly for this natural brand. Although a bit pricier than the typical drugstore item I fell in love with this cleanser from the moment I started using it.
It has a tangy lemon smell, but is a thick gel cleanser that spreads evenly on the face. I use it in the evening to remove oils from the end of a long day, and the herbal smell calms me while I’m going through my nightly facial routine. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has oily, sensitive, or recently sun-kissed skin. It is a gentle product that will work to keep skin feeling refreshed and clean.
I purchased the cleanser through Amazon but Juice Beauty carries their own website, where they share information about their other products. Give them a try! I try to stay below $20 on facial products because I’m cheap, but this cleanser is the best above-limit purchase I’ve made by far.

2. Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Going to be honest, I work at Trader Joe’s, so I am (slightly) biased when I say that I love TJ products. Most customers come into the store looking for quality produce or groceries, but I am a firm advocate for the skincare products that we offer.
Although ACV is in the grocery section, its skincare benefits makes me want to move it to be with all of our other facial goodies.
I use ACV for an evening toner, which I dilute with a 1:1 ratio with water.
Straight up ACV is very strong and harshly acidic on the skin, which is why diluting is important when topically using it. Many ACV proponents drink it, by making vinegar shots with lemon juice, in the morning for a quick acidic kick to the system before ingesting a heavy breakfast. I could go on and on about why I love this, but check out other blog posts about the wonderful benefits of this special bottle.

3. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil

Last TJ product, I promise. For this blog post at least.
I’m currently on my 3rd tea tree oil bottle, if that speaks truth to how much I use and love it. It seems a tad expensive for a small bottle, but this small goodness does wonders to acne or any skin irritation. The tea tree oil has a very calming scent, although it is very strong if you take too-close of a whiff. The recommended use of the oil is to dilute it with water first, but in my experience, diluting it makes the oil not do it’s magic as effectively, so I dab straight-up tea tree oil onto wherever I feel Mt. Zit about to erupt.
Although I love the scent, my siblings who I share a bathroom with are not huge fans of it. Both ACV and the Tea Tree Oil have antibacterial properties, which helps with getting rid of acne-causing bacteria on your skin. The scent of both can be overwhelming, which is why I recommend using both before bed.
If you share a bed with someone else, welp. They’ll just have to deal with the smell of these products, doing their own natural thing on the surface of your beautiful face.

I am not a certified dermatologist and cannot guarantee any benefits from using these products. This post was written to advocate for products that have worked well for my problematic oily skin and to share the benefits about natural products.
Staying away from chemicals and synthetics has given my skin extra boosts to repair itself with the assistance of lighter topical products. I love incorporating nature into my daily life, and using natural products is a great avenue to explore for skincare.

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