MM: June 2017

I’ve decided that from now on, I will commit to writing a Monthly Media post (MM).
Specifically, 3 types of media: a book, Instagram account, and YouTube video – that spoke to me or inspired me during the month.
Through these posts, I want to share media avenues that have given me room for extra knowledge and ideas, in hopes that you’ll be inspired by someone else’s creativity.

1. Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

I passed this book along to one of my best friends because, 1. she was searching for a book to read and 2. it’s that amazing of a book. I’m not one to typically recommend books to others, but this was the 1st book I picked up for my summer break reads. I came along this book on a Goodwill thrifting adventure, and fell in love with the minimal cover and the simple illustration on the first page.
This book is a quick read for those who aren’t invested into 300+ page novels. This short-story illustrates the beauty, sadness, and rollercoaster (literally) that life brings upon us all. It follows through the life (and after-life) of a man named Eddie, and five specific people who Eddie has heavily impacted, or in reverse, who have heavily impacted Eddie. Each person is painted with vivid descriptions, and you’ll get a warm feeling while reading this book. Highly recommend this book to all – the book has simple language to it, and I would suggest reading this along with a young family member or friend.
Warning: you’ll need Kleenex to wipe your tears.

2. Instagram: @haleydrewthis

I personally do not know Haley, but through her illustrations, I feel very close to her.
She creates simple drawings that are relatable to all, regardless of age or background. Her artwork is typically posted daily, and she somehow summarizes my thoughts about human behavior in a humorous yet personal way. All of her drawings are accompanied with a caption that gives you further insight to the kind of person she is – funny, witty, and observant. Her color choice and handwriting add a fun touch to her posts, and I enjoy seeing them on my feed. Her Instagram has grown quite a bit in the past few months, and I’m looking forward to seeing more content that she creates.
(It’s so odd writing about other people I’ve never met before, but Haley, if you ever see this: I appreciate you and your creativity!)

3. YouTube: Is Menstruation A Social Justice Issue?

This video is created by a channel named Refinery29, which many know through the side stories on Snapchat. Their website creates a safe space for discussion and knowledge, ranging from current news, social justice topics, fashion, and beauty.
This video was intriguing to me because it brings up various concerns about the shark week, the time of the month, the heavy flow, the cycle – the period.
Periods are a thing that not many people are comfortable speaking about. Despite sex and physical lust being constantly portrayed in the media, when it comes to talking about the natural flow, we shy away from it.
This video sheds light to how we need to normalize menstruation discussions, because it is important for any person to know, well, how people biologically function.
Because that’s what we are, people.
Along with speaking more about periods, the video heavily focuses on the “tampon tax”, where necessary hygiene items such as tampons and pads are taxed, and how they aren’t considered a necessity – like groceries, under certain state laws.
As a female myself, issues like these are relevant to me, but it is a reality that I wish more non-menstruating people knew about. This video hit home for me, and it inspired me to be more aware of surrounding issues that affect myself and others.

That wraps up June’s MM. I hope y’all enjoy this, because I hope to continue these monthly committed posts for a while. Let me know if you take a peek into any of the three I mentioned above, and share your feedback with me!
If y’all have any good book suggestions, I would love to hear them down below.
With love, Monet.


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